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Islamic Enterprises and Services of America (IESA) is a Religious Corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person.  It is organized under the California Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law exclusively for religious purposes.

The specific purposes of IESA are to:

  • Provide Halal certification for foods and food products.
  • Provide information, from religious perspective, about products and services including, but not limited to, foods and food products to help the Muslim consumers lead a life according to Muslim faith and values.
  • Help individuals and organizations to better serve the religious needs of the Muslim community.
  • Educate the society about Islam and support charitable works for the benefit of humanity.


IESA is based on the simple idea- Serve those who serve the Muslim community.  In this way, we help the Muslim American consumer lead a life according to their faith and assist the industry to better serve the Muslim American community.

The founders of IESA have extensive experience -since 1982, in Muslim community development and Halal foods. Learned Islamic scholars advise and guide IESA in religious affairs.

Please visit Organization page for additional information about IESA management and advisors.