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1. Plant Inspection
Inspect the slaughtering or food processing plants, audit the food
preparation process, and prepare report for the management identifying
necessary changes or improvements in the process, if any, to qualify the
plant for Halal certification.

2. Issue Halal Certificate
For the product prepared according to our requirements, issue certificate
of Halal processing to the client or its customers to accompany the
shipment for export or domestic consumption.

3. Provide Halal Stamps/Logos
Provide the Halal stamp/logo to be printed on the packaging material
or on sticker labels affixed on the packaged products covered by our
certificate. The Halal stamp and certificate are critical for the product
to be accepted by the customers and customs officials of the importing

Education and Outreach

1. Education
Through printed and electronic means and special events, educate the community and industry about the requirements, purpose, and philosophy of Muslim dietary laws and customs.

2. Training
Assist with Halal processing personnel development. Assist clients in hiring and training of qualified Muslim employees for Halal slaughter, and process integrity assurance duties in the plant. We maintain regular
contact with these employees for periodic updating on Halal issues.


Provide consulting services in the field of Halal product development, Halal product sourcing, and Halal market demographics.


For further details about the Halal Certification Services, please feel free to contact us. You can find the contact details here.